Registration – overseas qualification

Applying for registration using an overseas qualification 

In addition to the registration process, practitioners who have undertaken their psychotherapy training overseas and whose qualification is not recognised by the Board will have their qualification considered on a case-by-case basis. This is because no two overseas qualifications are the same. Qualifications also evolve over time. 

Applicants will submit evidence that they meet the criteria expected for a comparable qualification. Board assessors will consider the comparability of the psychotherapy qualification.


Please note: IELTS test scores will only be accepted for up to 24 months after the test has been taken.

Results from ‘IELTS One Skill Retake’ on the IELTS Academic Module (for one band only: Writing, Speaking, Reading, or Listening) are accepted.


Click on the ‘apply for registration button’ which will take you to the MyPBANZ portal.  Applications must be submitted through the MyPBANZ portal.

Allow a minimum of 8 weeks for the Board to process a fully completed overseas-qualified practitioner’s application for registration. 


Please note that documents not written in English must be accompanied by a translation on official translation service letterhead and bear the appropriate signature or stamp, together with full address details.

Important information 

Overseas-qualified practitioners who are unable to meet the comparable qualification requirements may be eligible to apply for registration via the Professional Development Pathway. Please note that practitioners will need to be living in Aotearoa to be eligible for this pathway.

Professional development pathway

The professional development pathway was created for practitioners who have a mixture of psychotherapy skills, knowledge and professional development and psychotherapy qualifications.

This pathway acknowledges competent practitioners who have undertaken a variety of training but not specifically a master’s level qualification in psychotherapy.

Organisations approved to carry out assessments are:

You will need to approach the above organisations directly and provide evidence to the Board that you have completed the organisation’s requirements prior to applying for registration.

Clinical supervision 

Click here to read the Board's clinical supervision policy.   

Public Register

All registered practitioners appear in the Public Register. For persons approved for registration and having an overseas qualification accepted by the Board, this will be recorded on the Public Register as 'Comparable Qualification accepted by the Board under section 15 of the HPCA Act'.